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Would pan-tuberculosis treatment regimens be cost-effective? Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2018 May 30, 2018 Bajar PDF
Family health and conditional cash transfer in Brazil and its effect on tuberculosis mortality The Union-2018 2017 Bajar PDF
The Price of a Pandemic 2017 Global TB Caucus 2017 Bajar PDF
Global Economic Impact of Tuberculosis Global TB Caucus October
Bajar PDF
Diagnostic pathways and direct medical costs incurred by new adult pulmonary tuberculosis patients prior to anti-tuberculosis treatment ± Tamil Nadu, India Plos- One January 8, 2018 Bajar PDF
Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Cost-effectiveness of Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis to Reduce Progression to Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Clin Infect Dis. June, 2015 Bajar PDF
executive summar y for the economics of
TB Drug Development
The Global Alliance for TB  Drug Development October 2001 Bajar PDF


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